Hi Kitchen Remodelers!

I know all these kitchen countertop options can be very overwhelming. Your choices are endless and there is never a shortage of hot new trends or inexpensive alternatives to granite for you to choose from.

Brushed faucet on granite.Let me be your spirit guide in helping you select from the most popular surfaces as well as some little know options that might just be perfect for your remodeling project.

Here's the most popular page on the site. It's a comparison of granite and it's most popular alternative, quartz.

But those are far from your only options. Stainless steel appliances were all the rage just a few short years ago. But did you realize that nearly every restaurant uses stainless steel for the counters in their busy kitchens? It holds up beautifully under heavy use, is easy to sanitize, and is becoming a very popular choice for us homeowners too. Here's a long list of reasons that stainless steel is a smart choice for your kitchen.

Of course we wouldn't leave out the classic granite work surfaces. You already know all about those already. But have you compared quartzite vs granite? No it's not quartz, it's actually a very different stone that is often confused with quartz.

When you have made up your mind, make sure that you find a contractor that will take care of your house as if it's their own, while charging you a fair price for quality craftsmanship. Here's a short page on how to get the best price for your kitchen renovation.

This black and white granite countertop gives this otherwise dark Connecticut kitchen the contrast it needs to turn it into a work of art.