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Here’s the most popular page on the site. It’s a comparison of granite and it’s most popular alternative, quartz.

But those are far from your only options. Stainless steel appliances were all the rage just a few short years ago. But did you realize that nearly every restaurant uses stainless steel for the counters in their busy kitchens? It holds up beautifully under heavy use, is easy to sanitize, doesn’t cost more than most natural stones, and is becoming a very popular choice for us homeowners too. Here’s a long list of reasons that stainless steel is a smart choice for your kitchen.

Of course we wouldn’t leave out the classic granite work surfaces. You probably already know all about those already. But have you compared quartzite vs granite? No it’s not quartz, it’s actually a very different stone that is often confused with it.

Are you here in Connecticut with us? Then don’t miss this guide to getting the lowest prices in the state. We’ve included some of the most reputable local kitchen and bathroom contractors around Bridgeport, New Haven, Hartford, and Stamford to ease the pain of finding local companies too. We’re located in Stratford but we can help you all around the state.

How To Find Sales

The “Mom & Pop” shops around town don’t heavily advertise their sales like the big chains do. If you’re looking for specials, your best bet is to thumb through the local paper like the CT Post or New Haven Register. Sometimes small local papers like the Stratford Star or Bridgeport News have great deals in them too.

Keep in mind that granite slab prices can vary wildly depending on scarceness, color, and demand. There are absolutely beautiful slabs at the stone yards that cost 1/10th of what the most rare and in demand ones will.

If you haven’t walked around a local stone yard yet to look at your options, it’s the first thing you should do before making a decision. Their colors (black, white, brown, blue, copper, yellow) and pattern selection is amazing, and you’ll suddenly find Lowe’s and Home Depot to be severely lacking in options and very restrictive on price.