21 Small U-Shaped Kitchen Design Ideas

The first part of our U-shaped gallery was huge wasn’t it? I hope you found some eye candy in there. In part two here we grouped together the smallest kitchens we could find.

The two most important tips I can give you for designing small spaces is to never use lot’s of dark colors. They absorb the light and make the space feel even smaller.

Use medium to light tones with lot’s of lighting anywhere you can get it. Recessed in the ceiling and under cabinet lighting are two of the most popular options but consider strip lighting above the cabinets that shines up the wall too if your cabinets don’t go all the way to the ceiling.

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Enough talk. Here are the pictures.

Making efficient of of a small kitchen in a condo.

That table looks lonely. I would have preferred more counter space and found seating someplace else.

I really like this backsplash.

This smaller space works much better than most larger ones.

Keeping it simple with a splash of color really works well.

I've never seen a stainless farmhouse sink before. I like it.

Not a dream kitchen but a more realistic one.

Thanks the designer for turning this drab kitchen into something special. src

I like the frosted glass on the upper cabinets.

I have never seen a soapstone counter that I didn't like.

Classic New England. Right down to the fresh snow outside.

I think there are a couple more inches usual between the countertop and upper cabinet helping to make the room seem a bit more open.

With small spaces like this there's no excuse not to have the appliances laid out in the classic work triangle.

The sconces on the far wall are a nice touch and draw you into this space.

This is one of my favorites in the entire collection. The green and brown work so well together. I might be partial since green is my favorite color.

Is having the back door open while taking the picture supposed to make the room feel larger?

A little herringbone at the backsplash works for me.

If it's possible, go with an open concept for a small u-shaped kitchen.

Matching the stools to the appliances is a nice idea.

Adding shelves where you don't have the room for cabinets will help keep counters from getting cluttered.

Updated: September 30, 2015