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So what did you think if the first half of the gallery?

You can’t get those colors and variations in quartz. And artificial stone can’t even come close to replicating the veining that some of the more intricate granite’s have.

I saved some of the best ones for this page, just in case you may have been considering anything else other granite for your remodel. By the time you scroll to the bottom there’s no doubt in my mind you’ll be convinced.

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I'm a huge fan of raised casual eating areas.

Understated is always an option if you're not a fan of bold colors and patterns like I am.

No two pieces of granite are alike.

You don't have to get square edges. You have the option of custom ones like this.

Try to ignore the purple.

Matching the counter top to the floor is one of my favorite visual tricks. I like to have a contrasting cabinet in between though.

Here's a good example of the coordinated contrast I was referring to in the previous pic.

Crazy dark but I love it!

Granite takes this modest kitchen and turns it into majestic.

I need to find out the name of this because I want it for my own home.

Another example of custom edge details.

A bit much with the backsplash as well but regardless, it's splendid.

We should set up some pins and bowl down this thing.

These natural yellows can't be reproduced in a factory.

This blue is striking and I'm sure it cost a whole stack of pretty pennies.

What a great use of lighting!

Look at this crazy shape.

Mixing in soapstone and other surfaces is an option.

Notice the rough rugged edge.

Very pretty.

Try finding that outside of nature.

What a great mix!

Illuminating the countertop from above like this adds drama.

You made it all the way through the gallery? Hooray!

So what did you think? Did we do our job and convince you that granite is a much more beautiful stone than the engineered variety?

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Miriam Sacks

I’m in love with the blue you describe as “Costing a whole stack of pennies. What color granite is that?” Please reply to my email. Thanks for all the choices…that would be mine!


I love granite would I would have to agree with a previous commenter here. I would like to see pictures of granite countertops in an “average kitchen”. These pictures would be in pricey, upper-class homes. I have blonde cabinets in my kitchen and will be putting in countertops with a dark gray and black granite for the contrast and to match my black appliances. What do you think?

Scott J

Hi Cindy,

Here you go: https://countertopinvestigator.com/budget-kitchen-remodels/


wow im really convinced now that i love the look of quartz. These were by far some of the ugliest kitchens i have ever seen. Sorry but you wanted my opinion.


I agree!! I am not into the “bold and busy” look at ALL. I didn’t like any of these kitchens.

Romanie Khaira

i love what I have seen, and I have save some photos too!


Your pictures are beautiful. As a designer and partner in a remodeling business that specializes in kitchens, I feel you have completely left out the “average kitchen” in these galleries. Your palatial kitchens do show off a lot of rock but in a smaller “normal” kitchen, the colors and patterns are frequently obscured simply from coverage of constant use. From these galleries I would guess that the high end appliances would tally up to more cost than a complete kitchen redo for the average Jo’s 3-4 bedroom house that comprises the majority of subdivisions around the country. I would love to see a page or 2 of those in your galleries. Have a great day.

Angel Chang

Your galleries are beautiful. But, All too busy for my taste. I like the clean and simplicity of QUARTZ .


After viewing these photos, I’m convinced I made the right choice for me by picking QUARTZ.

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Updated: September 20, 2015