51 Craftsman Kitchen Design Ideas

Craftsman is enjoying a resurgence in popularity for its’ clean lines and rugged character.

Sometimes referred to as Mission style, traditionally it boasts shaker style doors, earthy metal hardware such as brass or iron, and it’s constructed with quartersawn oak or other woods.

It has evolved in its’ latest rendition but it still hold much of its’ classic unmistakable style. Now it’s not uncommon to see:

  • painted doors
  • bright colors
  • quartz countertops
  • chrome fixtures
  • bright pull
Which is in stark contrast to the more traditional:
  • wood cabinets
  • earthy colors
  • natural stone
  • oil rubbed fixtures
  • muted pulls
The style has grown up a bit and turned into something that’s probably better to be classified as eclectic design.In the gallery you’re going to see a nice mix of both.

So are you ready to see it? I bet you are. Scroll on down to see all 51 design ideas.


Janet DiLorenzo

Thank you for these marvelous ideas. My husband and I are in the thinking stage for remodeling our kitchen. My cabinets are 50 years old, solid cheery and the top cabinets are in excellent condition. Bottom cabinets will be replaced for more function. I am trying for a complete makeover for the entire space which includes a walk in area. This will be a major plan for me.

beth parling

Do you know the mfr. of the cabinets in picture #5? I would appreciate any information you could give.

Scott J

I’m sorry, I don’t. But if you bring the picture to a local kitchen cabinet store they should be able to match the wood and style pretty easily for you.

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Updated: September 22, 2015