3 Antimicrobial Countertops That Stop Kids From Spreading Germs

The norovirus has been spreading like wildfire this winter. It’s run through nearly every household with kids this year including my own. It’s the most common food-borne illness and the CDC estimates that 1 in 6 Americans will contract one this year.

  • 5,461,731 will get norovirus
  • 1,027,561 will get salmonella
  • 4,428 will get toxoplasma
  • 2,138 will get E. Coli
A contaminated food prep area is a common culprit in spreading norovirus, and the type of countertop you have plays an enormous role in prevention.

Did you know that some countertops are actually antimicrobial?

That’s right, they literally kill microorganisms like norovirus and E. Coli.

Which Countertops Are Antimicrobial?


Silestone quartz countertops have antimicrobial agents baked right into them. Unchecked bacteria on your countertop can double in numbers every 20 minutes. Just because you wiped down your kitchen work surface with bleach doesn’t mean you got every last microbe. That single E. Coli bacterium that you missed can turn into more than 16 million of them in 8 hours.

A single E. Coli bacterium can turn into more than 16 million in 8 hours!

If someone puts their phone down on the counter they end up bringing E. Coli with them wherever they go.

The antimicrobial agents in Silestone can kill that single bacterium before it has a chance to turn into 16 million. If your worried about food safety, Silestone should be high on your list.


Copper is a striking kitchen work surface and a natural microbe killer.

Copper fell out of fashion decades ago, but it’s making a comeback thanks to it’s ability to kill bacteria on contact. It’s being used in hospitals to combat the spread of microbes as well as in the training room of professional sports teams and the bathrooms of your favorite restaurants.

The Department Of Defense has funded clinical trials to see how they can use copper to reduce acinetobacter, which can cause infection in critically ill patients such as soldiers recovering from battlefield wounds.

Mom’s and Dad’s will be happy to learn that it has been shown to quickly kill norovirus, the highly contagious infection that regularly makes the rounds in school, causing flu like symptoms coupled with copious amount of vomiting and diarrhea.

Wilsonart HD Laminate

Introduced in January of 2016, these plastic laminates offer protection from mold and mildew. They make no claims about bacteria, which is odd, but it’s not illogical to think that they would inhibit the growth of other microbes as well.

It’s also a non-porous surface, which makes is easier to keep sanitized. Bacteria have a tendency to hide and flourish in the pores of natural stones like granite, which is why it’s critical to regularly rub a high quality sealant on them. With a plastic laminate, you can get a counter that looks very much like granite, but without the drawbacks of having to worry about what might be lurking inside those pores or the high price tag.

Did we leave any out that you think should be included in this list? If we did tell us about them in the comments.


Veronique Bettez

You forgot Fomirca’s Laminate : http://www.formica.com/en/ca/products/formica-laminate-home#swatchesTab

Michael Wallman

Why isn’t Corian by Dupont on the list? And stainless steel?

Updated: October 16, 2017