The “Battersea” Is The Greatest Brainchild To Ever Come From Frank Gehry’s Mind

The “Battersea” Is The Greatest Brainchild To Ever Come From Frank Gehry’s Mind

An exterior like this is exactly what you would expect in a Frank Gehry design.

Since this is a countertop website I wanted to start off with kitchen pictures, but I’d be cheating you if I did. The below video includes Gehry speaking and shows how he drove the team to improve the design. It also walks you through what they refer to as a “fantasy land” in the overall concept. It’s a must watch to fully understand all of the components of this amazing community they have built.

Here’s a kitchen from the prospect building. Looks like a fat slab of quartz on the island.

There are a couple different design palettes. Pictured above is the “LA”. The “London” features a similar layout and work surfaces but uses darker wood on the island and cabinets. The cabinets actually look metallic. You can see them here.

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Here’s another from the same building with a slightly different layout.

Fact: No two apartments in the building are exactly the same. Each one is a custom piece of architecture and design.

The bathrooms are simple and understated so they don’t take away from the view of the London skyline.

The living room of this penthouse is nice, but what I’m really lusting after is that balcony.

Fact: Apple is moving their London headquarters into the office park. src How convenient would it be to just walk out of your apartment and across the promenade to work in the morning?

This would be a perfectly acceptable place to get a good nights sleep. This particular room has a northern exposure with a view of the converted power plant.

Fact: In 1949 Frank Gehry changed his name from Ephraim Goldberg to Frank Gehry. When in school Ephraim Goldberg was beaten and taunted by classmates for being Jewish. Ephriam and his wife changed their surname so that their two daughters wouldn’t be bullied too. Gehry has been quoted numerous times saying he regrets the decision.

The checkered history of the power plant is an interesting story in and of itself. It gives you an appreciation for how they were able to fully convert the property and existing building into a modern architectural marvel. Learn some history here.

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