43 Pictures Of Kitchens Renovated On A Budget

Islands are expensive but a granite topped table will make your kitchen renovation much more affordable.

Remodeling a kitchen on a budget can seem like a hindrance, but a few creative money saving ideas will help make it affordable.

Have a second look at the remodel above. That table is going to cost you just a few hundred dollars. But having an island built with cabinets and a countertop will cost you thousands.

You shouldn’t have any trouble finding one like that locally. They’ve become a popular addition to hard working kitchens with limited counter space.

Want to take this idea to the professional remodel level?

You can find a crazy cheap vintage one at the flea market and have a top made to match your homes decor. Your local granite fabricator can do this for you with scraps that they have laying around the shop so the material will be relatively inexpensive.

Now you own a custom work surface that matches your kitchen perfectly for just a few hundred buckaroos.

We’ve got a lot’s more pictures and ideas for you spread across the next three pages. You’re about to discover ways to save on:

  • countertops
  • upper cabinets
  • lower cabinets
  • flooring
  • lighting
  • window treatments
  • and how to make the most out of limited space

Our next tip is another doozy so don’t skip it. Incorporating just these first two remodeling ideas is going to put a lot of money back into your pocket.

Every inch counts when your goal is a budget kitchen remodel. The arrow shows where you would expect to see upper cabinets. But instead you see attractive yet inexpensive open shelving.

It’s a double whammy because it costs less but it helps make the room feel larger too.

Overall this is a fairly drab kitchen remodel but subtle touches like these fun window treatments add some flair to this remodel.

Everything you need to make a pot rack like this can be bought at IKEA. They’re just full of good ideas, aren’t they?

The curtain covering the sink base is a classic but cheap forgotten detail.

Subtle details like the marble octagon wall tiles and the worn wooden post in the lower right corner give this kitchen much needed texture.

This remodel features a simple farmhouse style with shaker doors and contrasting countertops from Madson Design

The clean lines in this demonstration kitchen from Kohler are made visually interesting with vertical decorative elements.

Wenge wood cabinets and a mosaic glass backsplash. Design Focus placed lights shining towards the ceiling and also under the upper cabinets to make most of this remodel in a small space with a tight budget. Topped with “Green Typhoon” granite.

This North Carolina kitchen remodeled by Case is a stunner. The tile coordinates perfectly with the Giallo Napoli granite. If you only have the money for one embellishment make it a backsplash that improves the entire room like this.

No space for a liquor cabinet or can’t afford a wine chiller? Me neither. But a well planned booze cart can let your friends know you’re ready to entertain. By kpad

Here’s another view of the North Carolina home. Note how the remodel uses color to define different spaces.

This kitchen renovated on a budget from Bradford & Kent has a farmhouse sink. Another focal point option.

This contemporary from Lauren King Design has just the necessary elements and none of the stuff that drain your wallet. Full overlay doors like these are usually much less expensive than inset. The white quartz is a nice contrast to the dark stained maple.

Here’s a similarly styled kitchen from Napoli Surfaces that proves how switching things up just a bit can have a dramatic effect on the overall remodel.

This floor, shot by Media Carrot, is terrible on its’ own. But it was incorporated into the rest of the kitchen and it ends up making a fantastic finished product. This is an idea I never would have come up with on my own.

Let’s hope that floor is actually tile. Don’t put real wood if remodeling includes replacing the floor. It’s expensive and doesn’t like getting wet or having heavy pots or sharp knives dropped on it. There’s just no place for it if you’re looking to remodel your kitchen cheap.

Keeping it simple can be an elegant solution. Can’t afford a stone or wood countertop for your kitchen. Get a large butcher block or granite remnant and use it to cut and chop on. When it looks this nice you don’t even have to put it away. advancedesignstudio.com

Running your trim crown trim around the entire room like this is one of those low budget ideas that packs a big wallop. talisse.com

See how the refrigerator and the entire bay of cabinets is recessed into the wall? If you can give up some space in another room, this is a relatively inexpensive way to get a larger kitchen. The Danvoy Group also added a nice touch by carrying the tile to the ceiling behind the range hood.

Updated: September 23, 2016