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Let me point you to a couple of our most read pages. This one covers granite and all its\’ beautiful applications. You\’re going to love that treasure trove of pictures.

If that doesn\’t get your design juices flowing than there\’s no doubt that our largest collection of luxury kitchens will. There are nearly 150 kitchens here on this page that are nothing less than a \”knock out\”.

You didn\’t click a link yet? I\’m not going to give up until you find a page you want to read. Try this one on for size, it\’s a grossly oversized compilation of budget remodeling ideas. Overhauling your home can be expensive, no? Put some of that money you thought you were going to spend right back into your pocket.

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Since this is a countertop website I wanted to start off with kitchen pictures, but I’d be cheating you if I did. The below video includes Gehry speaking and shows how he drove the team to improve the design. It also walks you through what they refer to as a “fantasy land” in the overall […]

Just in case you somehow landed here without seeing the first part of this of this post here’s a link. I could sleep for days and days in here. The eating area is just enough in my opinion. Nobody ever eats at the table anymore anyway. Double vanity? Yes, please. Here’s another pic from the […]

It was remodeled by Carl Mattison Design, a full service remodeling company with quite the talent for design. It’s rare to find a builder that does good design work too. Here’s a quick shot of the “before” so we can appreciate just how far this home came. I don’t know about you but I think […]

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You made it it through the first page and you’re hungry for more budget renovation ideas? Good because we saved some of the best pictures and ideas for you on the second one. But first let me tell you a little more about how ready to assemble (RTA for short) cabinets work because they can […]

Remodeling a kitchen on a budget can seem like a hindrance, but a few creative money saving ideas will help make it affordable. Have a second look at the remodel above. That table is going to cost you just a few hundred dollars. But having an island built with cabinets and a countertop will cost you thousands. […]

Congrats on making it to the 3rd page of our U-shaped kitchen gallery. You’ve seen a lot of pictures so far and hopefully got a few fresh ideas for your own home. On the oft chance that you somehow arrived here on Countertop Investigator without seeing the first two pages here are the links to […]

The first part of our U-shaped gallery was huge wasn’t it? I hope you found some eye candy in there. In part two here we grouped together the smallest kitchens we could find. The two most important tips I can give you for designing small spaces is to never use lot’s of dark colors. They […]

If your home has a U-shaped kitchen you’re fortunate because it’s one of the best layouts. Even if are working with a small space, you’re probably in better shape than you think. 10 to 18 feet wide is optimal because once you go beyond that it becomes cumbersome to walk from wall to wall. Have […]

Got a kitchen that could use a refresh but a total overhaul isn’t in the cards just yet? No worries. We’ve got you covered with 27 different hacks to: gain you storage quickly refresh the room hide ugly accessories add a touch of class make better use of existing storage capitalize on empty walls gussy […]