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If that doesn\’t get your design juices flowing than there\’s no doubt that our largest collection of luxury kitchens will. There are nearly 150 kitchens here on this page that are nothing less than a \”knock out\”.

You didn\’t click a link yet? I\’m not going to give up until you find a page you want to read. Try this one on for size, it\’s a grossly oversized compilation of budget remodeling ideas. Overhauling your home can be expensive, no? Put some of that money you thought you were going to spend right back into your pocket.

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What did you think of the first half? Pretty awesome right? There were some really neat ideas on that page, but I have even more for you. I’m ready when you are. Take a deep breath and start scrolling. Well done! You made it to the end. Let us know what you thought in the […]

Craftsman is enjoying a resurgence in popularity for its’ clean lines and rugged character. Sometimes referred to as Mission style, traditionally it boasts shaker style doors, earthy metal hardware such as brass or iron, and it’s constructed with quartersawn oak or other woods. It has evolved in its’ latest rendition but it still hold much […]

So what did you think if the first half of the gallery? You can’t get those colors and variations in quartz. And artificial stone can’t even come close to replicating the veining that some of the more intricate granite’s have. I saved some of the best ones for this page, just in case you may […]

Welcome to the last page of the gallery. I hope you enjoyed what you saw here and were able to fill your notebook with lot’s of good ideas for you remodel. Please share this post if you have friends that appreciate beautiful kitchens as much as you do. What People Are Reading Now Before you […]

Congrats! You made it through all those pictures on the first page. I hope you were able to jot down some cool new ideas for your own home. Let’s continue. Popular On The Site Right Now Let’s compare quartz to granite to see if one truly is better than the other. If you’re on a […]

There are literally thousands of kitchen design ideas for you on this page. So many in fact that we had to break this resource up into three pages because all these pictures were straining our server. At the bottom of each page you’ll find a link to the next page. What do these custom kitchens […]

Anything goes in an eclectic design. It’s fun because you get to break all the rules and just do what feels good. Every one of these kitchens has at least one interesting design feature that you may want to consider for your own remodel. Enjoy the gallery and I hope you are able to find […]

I vote this one for the most original design. Pennies! source Here’s a simple video that shows how you can accomplish this DIY project. This glass counter borders on art and it’s absolutely stunning. source What can be done with concrete by a skilled craftsman will surprise you. Source needed. Fantastic etched granite made to […]