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You probably remember soapstone from your high school or college chemistry class, but never gave those countertops a second though. And that\’s why they make the perfect addition to a hardworking kitchen.

Not only are they impervious to just about anything you can hit them with, but they aren\’t just the monolithic faded gray from your youth. Check out the below articles to discover what else you\’ve been missing.

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Soapstone is one of the most beautiful natural stones to be found in the earth. It is available in an array of different color tones that all center around a light gray when the stone is first pulled from the earth. If you’re interested in using it as a kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity here […]

If you’re thinking about getting a new countertop and are considering soapstone you’re probably wondering what type of care it will need. Every type of surface requires its own type of maintenance it’s no exception to this rule. With this counter, however, you do have some options regarding the amount of maintenance that you want […]

Soapstone is a versatile metamorphic rock that primarily consists of talc, micas, chlorate, carbonates and amphiboles amongst other minerals. When you feel it you’ll notice that it’s soft and some varieties will actually leave talc on your skin after you’ve rubbed it with your hand. You’ll see it in homes across the world used for […]

These countertops come complete with subtle veins mixed into a surface that is light gray at the beginning but later turns into a rich charcoal color. It masks the imperfections that can frequently appear during household use and you don’t need to be afraid to put a hot pan on it. It can last forever […]

When compared to the other natural stone countertops available on the market today, this natural stone has proven itself to be one of the most durable and hearty counters you can buy. You probably used one back in your days of high school or college when you were sitting in front of the Bunsen Burners. […]

This completely natural surface has a lot of distinctive benefits that you won’t find in rivals such as marble, quartz and granite. Along with these amazing benefits also come various cons that you should know about before taking the plunge and making an investment in a new counter. We have put forth every effort to […]