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Find Granite Companies In Colorado That Line Your Pocket With Savings

I know you’re busy and cracking open the phone book or firing up your browser to try and find good local companies can be a total shot in the dark. To get you started we have two for you right here, and we can get you set up with lot’s more if you need them.

But before we show you where to find cut rate contractors, let’s make sure you know exactly how to separate the good ones from the ones that will rip you off.

Planet Granite, Inc.
3020 Stone Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO

Planet Granite provides quality stone countertops and sinks for residential projects as well as commercial ones. The family-owned business has been serving the Colorado Springs area since 1998, and they have many customers that have been using them since they opened.

The business imports, fabricates, and installs granite and quartz surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms. They have a focus on service and an environmentally responsible approach to installing stone. Their showroom is open six days a week, and they offer discounts to members of the Military and Air Force.

Green Acres Granite
3201 N. El Paso St.
Colorado Springs, CO

Green Acres Granite is a family-owned and operated granite countertop business that offers a full-service experience for their customers. From selection and templating to fabrication and installation, the company ensures the customer’s needs are met by their carefully selected staff members.

Green Acres sources its granite from a wide variety of importers. They offer a variety of edging options as well, and provide information on the proper care and maintenance of the countertops once they’re installed.

How To Identify Good Granite Companies In Colorado Springs

A lodge like kitchen in Colorado by Custom Mountain Architects.

A lodge like kitchen in Colorado by Custom Mountain Architects

I’m absolutely positive that you want to be sure that you are using the best company this city in Colorado has to offer to source, design, and install your stone countertops. But it’s tough to be certain that you are choosing the best fabricator in the city.

It takes a little preparation and research, but it’s totally worth it for the peace of mind knowing that you’ve chosen a top notch contractor to fabricate and install your new granite countertops. Here are some things you need to keep in mind before choosing a company, so you can be sure you’re getting the best quality and service at the lowest price.

Step 1: Slap Together A Quick List Of Local Fabricators

Use the phone book, go online, or drive around town and round up the most likely suspects for your new countertops. The two companies listed above all came from a simple online search. You’re going to have to get quotes from at least three granite dealers. I’ll explain why in just a sec as well as show you the easiest way to find them.

You need to know what your options are, for everything from the types of stone you can choose from to the individualized services that each company offers, before you can decide which one is right for you.

Narrow down your list by doing a little “background check” on each one.

  • Do they have many negative reviews posted online?
  • Do their websites show lots of examples of their work?
  • Do they have testimonials from actual people that they’ve worked for?
  • How long have they been in business? (A newer company isn’t necessarily a bad choice, but they should have some sort of “presence” to give you a clear idea of what they can do for you.)

Step 2: Dig Just A Bit Deeper Into Their Business Practices

Once you’ve narrowed down your list, contact each business to ask a couple questions.

  • Do they offer a full-service setup?

In other words, do they sell, design, fabricate, and install the granite countertops themselves, or do they subcontract any of the work out? Try to avoid those that subcontract, or you could end up with shoddy work on the subcontractor’s part, and little recourse if something is wrong with the installation.

  • Does they offer a free estimate with a breakdown of potential costs and services involved?

Shady businesses claim they offer free estimate, then shock you with a much higher final price, with little or no explanation for the difference. A reliable company will be honest and open about their pricing, giving you confidence in their estimate.

  • Check the BBB (Better Business Bureau)

Any companies in Colorado Springs that have a history of complaints files with the BBB should be immediately crossed of your lost. Past performance is definitely a strong indicator of the level of service you should expect to get.

Step 3: Protect Yourself From “Fly By Night” Granite Companies

Another gorgeous kitchen from Custom Mountain Architects.

Another gorgeous kitchen from Custom Mountain Architects.

Any granite countertop company you hire should guarantee that your home and property is safe while they’re working on it.

Ask each company if they’re insured and bonded, to protect you in case your property is damaged during the installation process.

Other metro regions we can help homeowners in: Columbus and Delaware

Certified, skilled workers are also a good thing to have, though it shouldn’t necessarily be a deal-breaker. What matters most is the actual skill of the fabricators and installers, not whether or not they have a certificate to prove they can do it.

Ask if they’ll guarantee their work in writing. They should be able to stand by the quality of their installation and fabrication, regardless of where the granite comes from. If they don’t offer you some sort of guarantee or protection against poor work, keep looking.

Step 4: Get 3 Quotes At A Minimum

Whether it’s a granite or quartz countertop quote, make sure to get at least three of them. It never hurts to compare prices, especially if you’ve never shopped for new countertops before and aren’t sure what to expect when it comes to pricing. It’s the only way to get a feel for the market and the only way to be sure you’re getting a fair price.

Be suspicious of super-low quotes, because they could be low-balling you to get your business, only to increase the final price substantially or sell you a low quality stone installed by inexperienced workers.

Step 5: Get A Written Contract

Before a contractor ever sets foot in your home, get a contract in place that details the work to be done, the date you can expect the job to be finished, who will be responsible for the work, and what your responsibilities are.

Contracts protect both parties, and a reputable company will be willing and able to provide you with a contract and explain its’ details to you, if you ask.

Beautiful granite countertops can completely transform your kitchen, but only if they are designed, fabricated, and installed by a reliable countertop company.

Don’t fall for the first “great deal” you see on countertop installation. Take the time to research your options, then ask the right questions so you can be sure you’re getting the best product and service for your money.

How To Easily Find The Finest Granite Countertop Companies In Colorado Springs

The worst part about picking contractors out of the phone book or from online listings is that half of them can’t be bothered to call you back. They’re just too busy with their current installations or think your job is too small to make them enough money to be bothered.

Calling companies can be a pain in the patootie, but there’s an easier way to get in touch with granite fabricators that are looking for work. All you have to do is fill out the form below and you’ll be connected with contractors that will be more than happy to answer your questions and give you a price.

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