Cracked Cambria Countertop

Couple Cracks Their Cambria Countertop While Having Sex On It

I received this as an email this week and got permission from the homeowner to share it with you. I did have to change a few details to protect the “innocent” but it’s definitely the most interesting story about a broken countertop that I have received.

p.s. – The best part is in bold.

Three years ago we had Cambria installed in our kitchen and we just love it. Over the weekend we had a bit of a mishap that my wife and I are pretty embarrassed about and I think that we are pretty much out of luck but I am hoping that we can find some cheap solution.

What I  tell you next is going to sound ridiculous but I want to be honest so that you can understand what happened and meybe help. This weekend my wife was sitting on the counter just to the right of the stove in the picture and I’m not exactly sure how it all went down as we had a couple drinks but we ended up getting frisky with her sitting on the counter and me standing in front of her if you know what I mean.

In the middle of what was happening we heard an odd noise and the countertop opened up like in the picture. At first it was about half that size but it has been getting worse. I am sure this constitutes as abuse and voids any warranty am I right? I do not want to have to lie but it is not going to be cheap to replace so I was hoping that you may have some experience with warranty claims like this.

Here are the pictures followed by my most professional reply.

Hi *redacted* ,

This is quite the unfortunate situation. For starters Cambria does have a limited lifetime limited warranty. Hopefully you registered for that close to the time that you had these counters installed. Here’s a link to the warranty info page:

So I have good news and bad news for you. Let’s do the bad news first. There’s no way that Cambria or the fabricator will honor the warranty if you tell them how it broke. I’ll let you read between the lines there.

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The good news is that your countertop may not have been fabricated correctly. Cambria has a recommended minimum radius for inside corners like that. What happens when the radius of the corner is smaller than recommended is that it creates a weak spot, and if it’s going to crack then that corner is where it’s going to start from.

I have heard different minimum corner radius quoted from different fabricators, and I think that’s because they all use a different dimension based upon what their experience has been. I would call both the fabricator and manufacturer and have a discussion with them. Send them the pictures so they can see that the crack started right at that corner.

Good luck, *redacted* . I hope getting this repair done doesn’t prove too costly.

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