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Choosing a Virginia granite countertop company shouldn’t be a daunting task, but it shouldn’t be a decision you handle too lightly, either. After all, those countertops are going to be hanging around your home for decades, so you need to be sure that you have them installed by someone with knowledge and skill.

We’ve done a bit of leg work for you, and at the end of this article we have a list of few companies here in Virginia. Start your search with those but don’t skip the next few paragraphs where we show you how to get the best price on granite without sacrificing quality.

Don’t Be Fooled By Fake Reviews

An installed "Paradiso Silver" granite countertop installed and made by Artistic Stone Design in Richmond.

“Paradiso Silver” is a bold look that you can get from Artistic Stone Design in Richmond.

Be careful when reading through any online reviews or testimonials, especially if they’re posted directly on the company’s website. A simple Google search will usually turn up some reviews (the companies listed above all ranked highly on the search engine), but you need to dig deeper to be sure the reviews are accurate.

Sites like Yelp prevent companies from removing negative reviews, so their online presence won’t be skewed by missing reviews. Check the company websites, social media profiles and their BBB profile to get a good idea of how reliable they are before contacting them for yourself.

Make Sure They’re Licensed & Insured

The most important question you can ask any granite fabricator is for proof that they carry insurance. If you let an uninsured contractor or business work on your home, you could be responsible financially if they damage something or if someone is injured while on your property.

Licensed contractors show that they are responsible enough to meet the state’s licensing standards, and that they care enough about doing a good job that they actually trained in order to do it well. In order to be licensed, they have to prove their abilities, so you know that they at least know what they’re doing if they have their certification.

Make Sure They Aren’t Selling Your Project To Another Company

Ideally, you’ll choose a business that offers a full-service experience, meaning they are solely responsible for design, templating, fabrication and installation, and they don’t use subcontractors to carry out any part of the process.

Other states we service: Connecticut and Colorado.

This is good for two reasons. First, if they handle every aspect of the job themselves, they have full control over the quality of the finished product. Second, should something go wrong or should you be unhappy with the work, there won’t be any playing of the “blame game” between the business and any subcontractors. In other words, it will be easy to see who’s responsible for the problem, and easier to get it resolved.

Why To Never Choose A Stone From A Picture Or Small Sample

Granite can vary greatly in appearance from slab to slab, so don’t rely on a photo or a small sample to make your choice. Instead, visit the showroom and choose the actual piece of stone that will be used to make your countertops. You’ll be looking at those counters for years, so choose wisely!

Pay Attention To How They Treat You During Estimates

A beautiful example of "MAdura Gold" granite installed by Virginia's Classic Granite and Marble.

This is “madura gold” and you can buy it at Classic Granite and Marble in Midlothian, VA.

When getting estimates, pay attention to the way the company acts when discussing money. If they don’t want to give you an estimate, or if they offer a really low estimate, be wary.

Reputable companies have nothing to hide when discussing costs. The truth is, granite countertops are not cheap, so don’t fall for any estimates that say otherwise, or you could be in for a shock when the final bill arrives.

Ask for a detailed written estimate, so you can see what costs could affect the final price. Reputable companies are happy to provide these, dishonest ones are not so willing.

Never Ever Start A Job On Just A Handshake (Get It In Writing!)

Before you ever let any workers in to begin work on your countertops, make sure you get a written contract and find out exactly what is guaranteed. Don’t rely on a verbal contract, because if the results aren’t what you expect, and you end up in court, a verbal contract won’t hold up in court.

Instead, get a clear written contract before work begins, so you know what to expect once the job is finished. Also, get a written guarantee, so you’ll know what’s covered and what’s not.

It’s worth the small amount of extra effort needed to sort through your options in order to find the perfect granite company to fabricate and install your new countertops. When you get the great results you deserve, you’ll be glad that you took the time to choose wisely.

As promised. here are some well reviewed local companies. If you’re smart, and I’m sure you are, you’ll want to round up a few more companies to call and potentially get quotes from.

After calling each company to have a quick convo about your job, you should get an estimate from any that you feel comfortable with. Getting at least three quotes is the best way to save money and it greatly increases your odds of being completely satisfied with the fabrication and installation of your new granite countertop.

Greater Richmond

James River Granite & Marble
1941 Cross Street
Richmond, VA 23237
(804) 271-8686

James River has earned a lot of repeat customers, which isn’t at all surprising considering that the vast majority of their reviews are 5 star. Their customers are constantly raving about them, which is an excellent sign of a more than competent business. If the reviews were few and far between you’d have to wonder why nobody was hiring them to replace their countertops.

The owners are very hands on and there’s a good chance you’ll meet them, another good sign of a company that cares deeply about their product, service, and customers. They don’t have their own stone yard, but they work with the local yards to help you select the perfect slab, which they will fabricate for you.

Brazilian Best Granite
6805 School Ave
Richmond, VA 23230
(804) 303-2960

An overwhelming majority of  this Richmond granite companies reviews are 5 star. The owner does seem to be responsive to the occasional customer issues as they come up and works to resolve them.

Brazilian Best has their own showroom where they can show you what some of their most popular stones like installed, as  well as their own warehouse where they store granite slabs for you to pick from.

Northern Virginia (DC Metro)

Granite Source
14554 Lee Rd
Chantilly, VA
(571) 206-0182

Granite Source is a leading fabricator and installer of quality natural stone countertops. Each week, they visit stone wholesalers and select the best quality stone slabs that they find for use in creating their customers’ countertops. The stones they offer include granite, marble, quartz and quartzite.

The company utilizes their many skilled technicians and does not use subcontractors to complete the work. Their focus is on providing excellent service, quality and value for money to all of their residential and commercial customers in Chantilly Virginia and the surrounding area.

Dominion Granite and Marble
44645 Guilford Dr #207
Ashburn, VA
(703) 723-8860

Serving the Washington, DC and Virginia area for over 15 years, Dominion has earned a name for itself by providing excellent quality and service to its customers. Specializing in fabricating and installing granite and marble countertops, the company completes both residential and commercial projects using the highest quality stone from a variety of sources.

Instead of stocking their facilities with thousands of pieces of stone, Dominion connects customers with their own importers, allowing the customer the freedom to choose precisely the right piece of stone for each project. Their fabricators have over 50 years’ worth of experience behind them, so customers can be sure that their results will be great.

Virginia Beach

Quality Stone Concepts
113 S Witchduck Rd
Virginia Beach, VA
(757) 275-9382

The Virginia Beach stone company offers granite countertops, landscaping stone, cabinets and sinks to its residential and commercial customers. While they do fabricate their own stone, they also offer prefabricated countertops in an effort to save their customers money and reduce the time needed for the installation process.

The company website features a virtual tour of their showroom and images of the variety of countertops, sinks and cabinets that they sell. They also display photos of some of their previous installations and information about the specialized design software that they use to plan the installation of the countertops.

The Simplest And Quickest Way To Find More Granite Companies

Digging through the phone book or trying to sort through online reviews can be cumbersome. I have an Angie’s List subscription to help me out with that but that costs money, and I don’t want to have to pay for a yearly subscription so that I can use it just once.

Here are Countertop Investigator we want to make things easy and free for you, and that’s exactly what the form right below this paragraph will do for you. It will connect you to granite companies in Virginia that are eager to offer you a great deal to earn your business.

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