5 Wickedly Effective Granite Sealers That Won't Empty Your Wallet

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Granite countertops are beautiful, sturdy, and they’ll last you decades if you take care of them properly. However, because natural stone is porous, you’ll need to seal them if you want to keep them stain free and looking like they were installed just yesterday. Spills can penetrate the surface and cause a permanent stain very quickly, so it’s important to choose a good sealant that creates a barrier to lock out moisture. Here’s what you need to know about some of the best sealers for granite so you can keep kitchen surfaces looking new for decades.

StoneTech Bulletproof Review

StoneTech Bulletproof is a product designed to seal almost any stone surface. It’s one of the most popular choices for several reasons. First, it’s a heavy-duty sealer that lasts longer than many of its competitors.

Soap and water is enough for general cleaning but sealing is the only way to keep out stains. (image source)

It goes on fairly easily (just clean your countertop, then apply, wait for activation, and clean off excess) and is gentle on your stone. It spreads well and is perfect for covering large areas of granite quickly.

You can usually buy StoneTech on this page for a good price.

511 Impregnator Review

If you can get past the silly name, this sealant has one of the best ratings on the market. It goes on fairly easily, though you may struggle with the container as it isn’t a spray bottle. Most indications point to sealer working very well with granite, but not with other stones like marble and travertine. Once applied, it repels moisture and doesn’t discolor the surface after it’s dried.

You can grab a bottle of 511 Impregnator here on the net for pretty cheap, but it’s available at most hardware stores if you don’t want to wait.

Granite Gold

This line of products designed exclusively for granite. Its cleaner, sealer, and conditioners are sold as separate products instead of as an all-in-one. This is good because if you choose to use all three products, you are only applying sealant when you want, instead of every time you clean. This reduces the likelihood of developing a waxy buildup that can actually dull the shine of your counters.

As they are designed to compliment one another, this is probably most effective if you’re using other products in their line-up as well, but feedback is positive in general. Some consumers noted that the sealer has a strong odor that can be unpleasant.

This tool will help you find a retailer near you that sell it.

Rock Doctor Review

Rock Doctor is another popular brand that has its pros and cons. It comes in a spray can and goes on easily and quickly. You’ll find that people have mixed feelings about this product, with most people being fairly happy with the it. However, for those with the most porous granite, The Rock Doctor doesn’t always do the job. If in doubt, ask the company that fabricated the stone if it tends to be susceptible to staining. If they say yes, ask them what impregnator they recommend.

You can get the Rock Doctor locally from Lowe’s. Here’s a printable rebate from the official website too.

Stone Care International (SCI)

Application can be as easy as rubbing it in with a clean rag. (image source)

SCI’s products are also separate. Each of it’s offerings are designed to do one thing and to do it well. Its water-based sealant comes in a handy spray bottle for easy application and it is designed to seal without discoloring. Most agree that this product does what it says on the label, but be warned that you should reapply this at least once per year in order to maintain the seal. Pair it with SCI’s cleaners and conditioners to keep your countertop in great shape for years to come.

You shouldn’t have any trouble finding it locally. Walmart carries it as do most major home improvement stores.

Where to Buy Granite Sealer

As mentioned above, you can order all of these online, but if you aren’t sure which one is right for your particular counters, drop by your local stone yard and ask for a recommendation. Some stones are more porous than others and may do better with one particular brand over another. Also, you may be able to buy it at a better price from the dealer since they have actual relationships with manufacturers.

Remember that nearly all stone is naturally porous and no sealant lasts forever. Be sure to reapply the sealer per the manufacturer’s guidelines for best results and make sure to read our granite care guide to keep you counters looking gorgeous for the long haul.

Updated: October 16, 2016