43 Pictures Of Kitchens Renovated On A Budget – Page 2

Ready to assemble kitchen cabinets slash your cabinetry costs by 30% or more, freeing up room in your tight budget to explore quartz or granite countertops as an option.

You made it through the first page and you’re hungry for more budget renovation ideas?

Good because we saved some of the best pictures and ideas for you on the second one. But first let me tell you a little more about how ready to assemble (RTA for short) cabinets work because they can free up a lot of money if you’re on a limited budget.

You’re probably familiar with the concept because it’s how IKEA sells their furniture including the cabinets. But there are much higher quality options out there. Most of ones sold at IKEA are made with particle board, which is basically a mix of glue and bits of wood. Definitely not built to last.

There are higher quality budget kitchen renovation options out there that are made with plywood and real wood. The quality of the construction is much higher and they are built to last.

But don’t run out and buy them just yet. Talk to your contractor about them first because there are tradeoffs. The most important being is that some of what you’ll save will be eaten up in labor costs because now your contractor has to assemble them. So this may be a better option to explore if you had planned on doing the work yourself.

Let’s get into the gallery now. We definitely have more tips about making the most of a limited kitchen renovation budget we want to share with you.

This kitchen from Cabinet Stop is firmly planted in the real world and not a multi-million dollar home. It’s smart to allocate a portion of your budget for lighting like this homeowner has. The recessed lights and pendants over the breakfast bar keep the room well lit and make it feel larger. The countertops are Cambria (Canterbury).

Clark Design Build in Wisconsin updated this 1950’s style ranch. They used the existing layout and and simply replaced the worn out features. This is a good example of fixing up an outdated kitchen with a low budget.

Here’s a sensible condo from CM Natural Design that puts the money where it makes the biggest impact. Shaker style doors and stainless steel worktops (learn more about them there) are utilized to keep things simple in this kitchen while using contrast for visual interest.

This 1940’s kitchen gets honed granite and new cabinets. It follows the K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid). kitchensmadesimple.com

These custom cabinets from Studio Dearborn use every inch of space in this compact kitchen. The subway looks fantastic against the Jet Mist granite.

We show this one in many of our galleries and I bet you’re surprised it qualifies as a cheap renovation.

Understated elegance is achieved with two different colored cabinets and countertops as well as big dramatic lights.

This “beachy” renovation from Windhill Builders is classic seashore. A blank slate like this allows you to decorate with big splashes of color to keep things interesting.

I couldn’t find much info on this kitchen renovation but it’s definitely a cheap one. Looks like it’s just fresh paint and a cabinet refacing.

Here it is again but from a different angle. See how the Le Creuset kettle and pot become the focal point because there is nothing in the room to distract you from them?

Clean and modern with a cooktop on the island which makes going back and forth between it and the sink while cooking very easy.

I really wish I knew what that countertop was.

Here a tradition L-shape from Hagerman.

I love the creativity the homeowners put into this DIY project.

It’s a bit of an unconventional kitchen but it works for them so I think it’s wonderful. You can pick up most, if not all of this from IKEA.

Awesome galley from Rillarchitects.com. White on wood is always a nice choice.

Deceptively simplistic because of the interesting island but when you break it down into it’s individual parts you can easily recreate this renovated kitchen as your own without spending an arm and a leg. They saved quite a bit here with concrete counters. mybellinteriors.com

I can’t stress lighting enough. See it here shining down in two spots? It makes the glass tile backsplash sparkle as well as highlight the decorations in the cabinets.

I hate renovation pictures taken from overhead but this is a good example of plastic laminate counters. As you can see they mimic natural stone well and they are very cheap but sturdy. Built by Castle.

Some strange filter has been applied to this image but I wanted to show you the “masculine” wide rails on the doors.

This kitchen is so small but at the same time it’s crazy efficient. The refrigerator, stove, and sink are all within easy reach of one another. With the amount of space saved in here I bet there’s a nice dining room somewhere in this house.

Different textures keep this space from becoming boring. But is that a bowl of plastic fruit?

I know it’s teeny tiny but it’s a room for rent at Sweet Lemon Inn. But the point is to show you how painting existing cabinets and replacing the countertop can make a massive impact even on a kitchen renovation budget.

Updated: September 23, 2016