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To get you on your way, here are three local companies for you to call. All three of these have a good reputation in your state for quality craftsmanship.

New Granite & Marble, Inc.
35 8th St.
Passaic, NJ

New Granite and Marble is a popular “up and coming” granite countertop business that services the New York tri-state area. They specialize in the fabrication and installation of stone countertops for kitchens and bathrooms as well as stone for fireplaces and specialty projects for both residential and commercial projects.

The company’s showroom is open five days a week and showcases a selection of quartz, granite, silestone, Caezarstone, and marble is a wide variety of colors and patterns. The company’s focus is on customer satisfaction, and they claim that no job is “too large or too small” for them.

Stone Surfaces, Inc.
890 Patterson Plank Rd.
East Rutherford, NJ

Founded in 1990, Stone Surfaces is a family-run stone business that specializes in fabrication of stone countertops for contractors, interior designers, and builders. The company offers a wide variety of edging options on their granite, marble, onyx and other stones for residential or commercial use.

The company works with an extensive network of resources to provide the best experience for every customer, from homeowners to businesses.They provide stone for countertops in NJ and the tri-state area, and are happy to showcase their products in their East Rutherford showroom six days a week.

Stone Tech Fabrication
930 New York Ave.
Trenton, NJ

Stone Tech is a stone company that services New Jersey, most of New York, and much of Pennsylvania and Delaware. The fabrication company offers a wide variety of granite, marble, and silestone counters for kitchens and bathrooms. The company prides itself on providing only the best slabs of rock imported from around the world.

The company handles all aspects of purchasing new countertops, providing convenience to their customers. Their showroom is open six days a week, and it showcases the best of their stone selections.

If you’re looking to install new granite countertops in your New Jersey home, you want the best granite installer you can find tackling the job. Don’t risk wasting time and money on a bad granite installation experience; use these tips to find to find even more local companies.

Use the Internet

In addition to finding lists of granite fabricators and installers (like the ones listed above), you can also use the power of the internet to find out more about every business before you actually do business with them.

Look for any online reviews that might indicate that the company isn’t as good as they claim to be. One or two negative reviews don’t necessarily mean they aren’t a good company to use, but too many negative reviews should set off warning bells. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) can also tell you if the business has had any complaints against them.

Take a good look at each company’s website to see if they show examples of their previous jobs. Happy customer testimonials and clear photos can tell you a lot about the type of work they do. Ask for references, and follow up with them. Former customers are often happy to share their experiences, and a business that’s proud of its work should be happy to show it to you.

Ask if the company is “full service”

Some granite countertop companies only source and fabricate the countertops, then they hire in subcontractors to install your stone. While this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get sub-par work, it does complicate things if you aren’t happy with your new tops after they’re installed. You might not be able to pinpoint where the blame should lie, and be unhappy with a lack of resolution.

If a business orders the pre-cut granite tops from somewhere else, they have no control over the quality of the product, regardless of how skilled they are at installing them.

The ideal stone company will source, fabricate, and install your countertops for you, and some will even offer after care, for a limited time. Definitely choose one that guarantees their work, both the materials and the installation, and who give you that guarantee in writing.

Make sure they’re insured

If you find a business with glowing reviews, cheap prices, and a “one-stop-shop” setup, don’t hire them until you’ve seen proof that they’re insured and bonded. Insurance will protect your wallet should any property damage occur during the installation, so don’t even consider a company that doesn’t carry insurance to protect their customers.

Get multiple quotes

Go ahead and get several quotes before choosing a provider for your countertops. Ask for a firm quote, but be aware that without exact measurements and dimensions, it could be hard to pinpoint an exact price. Let the company know that you’re getting 3-5 quotes, not dozens, and they’ll be more inclined to take your business seriously.

A reputable business should be able to give you a list of the prices for their products and services, and they should explain any costs that vary from their “normal” pricing, such as special finishes or tricky designs.

If a business isn’t willing to give you a firm, written estimate or quote, keep looking. If they don’t want to discuss price, keep looking. You want open, honest communication about the entire project, including the cost, or you aren’t dealing with the best installers.

Contracts and guarantees

Contracts and guarantees aren’t just words, they should be the first thing you think about when hiring any contractor. Make sure the installer you hire has a detailed contract that clearly states the work that they will do. They should also provide you with a written guarantee, not just a verbal agreement that their work will be good enough. These will protect both you and the business, should the work be done in a way that you are not happy with.

There are many really great granite countertop companies that are ready to install your new countertops, but you need to find them before you can hire them. Take the time to research each company you consider, and be sure that you are protected by a solid contract, an insured installer, and a written guarantee. Then, you can be sure that you’re using the best granite countertop installer that New Jersey has to offer.

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