12 Cheap Pendant Lighting Options You'll Love

We just wrapped up remodeling our kitchen and the hardest decision we had to make was which hanging fixture to choose for over the sink. I’m glad we didn’t have an island too, because if my wife and I had to choose a second one I’m sure I would have ended up sleeping on the couch for a night or two.

The problem wasn’t that there weren’t any good options, but that there were too many and we couldn’t come to an agreement.

Our one regret is that we purchased locally instead of on-line. Once we figured out exactly what we wanted, we bought on impulse without checking the Internet. Since then we have found very similar options for sale on websites like Wayfair and 1800 Lighting for about half the price.


In the end we got one very similar to this mini on the right with a fully dimmable LED edison bulb. We loved the antique look of the seeded glass combined with the vintage feel of the edison bulb. Mini pendants like these are perfect options for over the sink, especially if space is an issue. This one is available here at Wayfair.

Frosted Glass

If you want glass but a dimmable switch and bulb aren’t an option, consider a frosted glass canopy. Clear and seeded glass are great options, but the light can be harsh; a problem that is easily fixed by choosing frosted glass.

Three mini pendants like these work very well when hung over an island, but a single one would be perfect for a breakfast nook, over a small table, or dangling above a sink.


If you have a modern kitchen you’ll definitely want to hunt for a discount on a pendant that compliments the decor.

In this kitchen they chose recessed lighting for over the sink and countertops but chose to dress it up with a unique choice over the central work surface.

I do hope they get some window treatments soon for privacy, but I wouldn’t blame them if they wanted to share their modern kitchen with the whole neighborhood.


What’s old is new again and getting that rustic look isn’t hard to do thanks to the Internet. Wood, seeded glass, and the look of wrought iron are the easiest way to get the rustic look.

The brand Trent Austin Design has a few choices that fit the bill. The one on the right combines wood, metal, and rope into a fixture that I very much enjoy.

This brand is actually owned by Wayfair and you’ll find a large selection on their website. You can find this particular one here.

The quality is decent and definitely fair for the price. What’s nice about options like these is that they aren’t too costly or difficult to replace every couple years if you want to mix up your style a bit.


Here’s a unique globe pendant I found on shadesoflight.com for a decent price.

These hand blow canopies do more than just look pretty dangling from the ceiling. When illuminated they give off a swirled light pattern that creates interesting patterns on the walls. It’s an especially interesting look at night.

If this is the main source of light for your kitchen I wouldn’t recommend it. But if it’s a secondary source of light it’s a perfect way to create some interest and spark some conversation about your awesome light fixture.


This classic option is making a comeback. Like in the lantern pictured you don’t have to limit yourself to the kitchen with these or any others on this page.

As you can see these look brilliant on a sunporch.

I couldn’t find a source for this exact option, but you can show any light on this page to the salesperson at the local lighting showroom and they will be able to find you something comparable.

If the price is too high locally you should be able to find something you like by searching the Internet for pendant lantern lights for sale. Your options are nearly endless online.


Drums have become very popular, especially in more formal spaces like hung over a dining room table. There’s a certain elegance to them that I can’t quick put my finger on to explain in words.

It’s the simple fabric ones like this that I am drawn to and fortunately they are available at stores like Home Depot for a very low price.


Typically when you think industrial you’ll want to think unfinished metal. It’s a natural fit for any room with exposed brick and raw timber that has that “factory” feel.

This one, available on houzz.com, is super cheap, and at the time of this writing is being sold at a 10% discount.

It’s nothing fancy but if industrial on a budget is what you need than this totally fits the bill. A light fixture in an old factory might look very utilitarian, just like this one, so you would be completing the look without spending too much.


If you want metal but not the industrial look, there are plenty of options out there. This interesting sci-fi inspired ceiling fixture is definitely different.

One of the cords turns the bulb on and off while the other opens the sphere up more to allow more light to pass through. If you want your company to say “what the heck” and ooh and aah over your taste in interior decorating than this should get the job done.

The price is more than fair too. Check it out here at IKEA.


Retro means different things to different people. The one above from IKEA might fit the bill for some, while the fabric drum a little higher up the page might for others. To me retro screams the 1970’s and this one I found on Wayfair UK is perfect.

It’s classified as a “sputnik” chandelier which I think is a very fitting name.


When someone mentions getting a chandelier the first thing that probably comes to mind is a gaudy Victorian era decoration hanging from the vaulted ceiling of a foyer.

While that may be what comes to mind, there are hundreds of smaller delicate chandeliers for sale that are perfect for over a table, kitchen island, or even a bar.

Take for example this one to the right. There’s not a crystal or upturned lightbulb in sight, and yet it’s still technically a chandelier.

Pottery Barn carries this one. It’s called the Elsie Capiz and they have a large selection of traditional as well as contemporary options for you to choose from. While Pottery Barn may not be the cheapest, they are much higher quality than the big box stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot. They also have some very interesting designs that you won’t find anywhere else.


One of my favorite styles has always been the Tiffany style. I have a couple very small ones in the hallways of my own home. If I had formal dining room or even the space in my kitchen for a pendant light a tiffany style pendant would be at the top of my list.

The history of the Tiffany style is quite interesting and their popularity has grown over the decades since the passing of Louis Comfort Tiffany. Originally they were specifically a style of lamp but now you’ll find they are used everywhere.

Updated: June 16, 2017