Benefits and Durability of Soapstone Countertops

These countertops come complete with subtle veins mixed into a surface that is light gray at the beginning but later turns into a rich charcoal color.

It masks the imperfections that can frequently appear during household use and you don’t need to be afraid to put a hot pan on it. It can last forever and during its lifetime you’ll be able to enjoy its durability and absolute beauty.

Scratches and dents

Just like any type of kitchen work surface, they can succumb to scratches and dents. The beauty of soapstone counters, however, is that marks and scratches can be sanded out easily. This is one of its most attractive features but it’s hardly ever mentioned in any of the soapstone reviews.

If you have been cutting something on them and they accidentally scratch, simply pick up a piece of very fine sandpaper and the scratch will immediately disappear. You can’t do this with most other counters!

Just about half of the long time owners love the look of the wear and tear on the surface while others want theirs to appear perfect. The benefit is you’ll be able to choose the type of look you want and how much time you’re willing to invest in maintaining perfection.

This type of counter doesn’t stain

This is probably the most important part of this reviews. Although it is a softer type of stone, it is extremely dense and doesn’t absorb liquids.

Don’t worry about the glass of fruit juice that your child just knocked over on the counter - simply grab a rag and wipe it up. This is one of the reasons why you’ll see it used in science laboratories worldwide. Due to its non-porous features, you never have to worry about spills again. This is invaluable when it comes to serving a young family with growing children that are sure to cause some accidents and spills throughout the years.

Soapstone can handle hot items

Just about every manufacturer will tell you not to put hot items directly onto them. The problem is that there may be some times when you just aren’t prepared and have to put a hot pot or pan onto the counter for some reason. You won’t ruin the countertop if you run into a situation where it is required. This is fairly common knowledge and you’ll find it in just about every soapstone review.

The worst that can happen is dust and various small pieces of the stone may adhere to the pot and end up slightly scratching the surface. As mentioned earlier, the scratches can be sanded right out.

These are just a few of features that address the benefits and durability of this natural stone. When you talk to people that are the proud owners of these types of counters you’ll discover other types of hidden benefits as well.

As for its durability, you can expect your natural stone counter to last at least 20 years and possibly a lifetime. Even though they can get scratched, these counters stand up to normal wear and tear extremely well and when accidents do occur they can be handled on the spot. You won’t find that in any other countertop reviews!

One more quick thing about the price before I wrap up this soapstone review. For such a beautiful work surface that can take an absolute pounding it’s not terribly expensive either. If your thinking of remodeling your kitchen, give it a shot. You won’t regret your decision.

Updated: September 23, 2016