Top Remodeling Sites

The home improvement industry is awash in websites that are full of misinformation and fluff. Check out this growing list websites that offer solid , real world, and actionable advice that you can use to design and build a better home.

The Best Home Improvement Websites

Fiderio & Sons

The blog on is so chock full of real world remodeling advice that you’re bound to find the information that you’re looking for. This is not the typical fluff that you’ll find on most mainstream remodeling and home improvement websites.

Home Advisor

Home Advisor has a helpful cost guide on their website that will help you get a better idea of what your upcoming project will cost, so that you can realistically start saving. It’s the best budgeting tool I have found next to getting quotes from local contractors.


This in-depth home improvement website has something for everyone. I recommend that you follow them on twitter to find the best and most inspirational pages of their website.

My Favorite DIY Blogs

Young House Love

There’s nothing not to love and be inspired by on Young House Love. They have done a lot of their own home improvements and they have come out fantastic. They also cover a lot of smaller projects as well as their family life so be prepared to really get to know the bloggers, Sherry and John.

Casa Decrepit

The owners of Casa Decrepit are serious about their house. They have a ten year plan that they have been executing while documenting every step along the way. Funny thing is that their ten years are up this year (2014) and they don’t seem to be slowing down one bit. Follow them on Facebook to be kept up to date.

Manhattan Nest

A down and dirty do-it-yourself home improvement blog. They’re still making a mess of things right now. So follow along and watch as they continue to overhaul their nest. Here’s a link to their projects. Love this house, btw. It’s old, it’s hard to remodel, and expensive to fix. But in the end, it’s going to be worth the sweat equity and money spent.

Storefront Life

Meet Kristen and her hubby El Granto. They are living in a converted storefront in Toronto, and have overcome challenges large and small during the conversion. They aren’t afraid to bang some nails, and empty a few cans of spray paint to breathe new life into pieces that the less creative would have sent to the trash bin. My favorite project of theirs are the concrete countertops.

Updated: August 27, 2018