5 White Granite Countertops That Look Just Like Carrara Marble

Granite is gorgeous but if you want the gentle beauty of marble, without having to constantly worry about damaging the stone, I have some options for you.

Granite can be just as beautiful as marble, but you need to know what to ask for to get the look you want.

One of these five choices should give you the look you want without the nightmarish maintenance and high price tag. We’ve got a bonus options at end of this article for you too. You have more options that you realize and we want to make sure you are aware of all of them.

Bianco Romano

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Bianco Romano granite is described as ‘icy’ with streaks of grey and beige running throughout. Its light color and intricately detailed pattern make it an appealing choice for kitchen countertops.

Its’ actual appearance can range from almost alabaster to a much darker look with lots of dark gray blended in.

A word of caution: Bianco Romano stains quite easily so you need to take care to seal it properly to maintain its pristine marbled appearance.

White Fantasy

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This is one of the types of granite that most closely resembles carrara marble. Its pale pearly coloring is blended with soft grey veins for a very serene look that really does mimic it well.

It’s mostly mined in Brazil and is technically a quartzite. It is however more prone to etching so make sure to discuss it with the stone yard. Learn more about quartzite here.

Despite being extremely beautiful, it is one of the less expensive options, coming in at around $26 per square foot, on average.

Supreme White

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Another stone that looks like marble–it’s another quartzite with all the beauty but with the sturdy hardness of granite.

This particular material comes in shades ranging from milky to soft grays in an elegant marbled pattern. It’s a popular countertop option and looks great paired with dark floors and cabinets.

White Princess

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Another quartzite, it has a color that’s soft and pretty, ranging from mostly white to mostly soft grey with lighter veining. It usually has a smoky, hazy appeal that looks good in the kitchen.

Some slabs have a pinkish hue depending on the minerals running throughout, but it’s still a great marble alternative. It looks just as good on a countertop as it does on an island or table and can really transform a dark space into something light and airy.

Glacier White

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This granite is as cool as its name suggests. Don’t get this if you’re looking for something dark and moody–it’s not going to fit the bill.

Cool and creamy with flecks of beige, reds, and pinks in some stones.

It’s great for kitchens or bathrooms, can go great with light or dark cabinets (depending on the color of the fleck detail), and is an interesting stone that has a lot of character.

Quartz that Looks Like Marble

If you can’t find a granite that resembles marble, there are a few types of quartz that could do the trick. Don’t confuse quartz (a manmade product composed of resin and minerals) with quartzite even though the two offer similar benefits in the kitchen.

Quartz can be made to look like many things, including the expensive vein and pure white varieties of stone. Caesarstone Organic White is one type that very much plays the part.

One More Alternative

Have you heard of cultured marble? It’s a man made alternative that’s much more durable and less expensive. I have never met anyone outside of the stone industry that could tell the difference between it and the natural variety so your guests will never know the difference. Here’s our page on them.

Marble’s beautiful, but when you compare it to granite, it can’t compete for hardiness and durability. Check out the options listed above at the stone yard and see how you can get the best of both worlds in your new counters.

Updated: August 24, 2018