5 Quartz Countertops That Look Like Marble

Quartz, pictured above, is easy to maintain and looks as incredible as marble.

Fans of quartz countertops know that the man-made material is great for kitchens that see a lot of activity. The low maintenance, stylish material can be colored to look like almost any type of stone you want, including the oh-so-charming, yet hard-to-maintain marble. If you love the look of natural marble, but need the practicality of man-made quartz, check out these color options for your new kitchen counters.

Silestone - Lagoon

With a name like ‘Lagoon’, you’d be right to expect something with a certain softness to it, and this quartz doesn’t deny that. The soft, subtle grey veins mimic those found in many types of marble to create very natural looking material that is elegant and inviting. It makes great countertops, but it’s often used as backsplashes and kitchen islands, too.

Its’ white and grey blend is subtle and versatile enough to look great in kitchens and bathrooms. The flexibility of quartz makes it a great choice for homes where a low-maintenance surface is needed. It can take a certain amount of abuse and still look amazing, unlike the real marble that it’s modeled after.

Cambria - Torquay

Cool and crisp as a snowy day, Torquay looks exactly like it sounds. Brilliant! This simple, bright white countertop is clean and elegant without being too showy. It has a milky whiteness and a natural sparkle that makes it stand out in any setting. The quartz also has very fine, delicate veining that appears as a slight cloudiness against the white. The effect is soft and gentle, making it a great choice for kitchens or bathrooms.

Torquay is a popular choice for kitchens, not only for countertops but for use in backsplashes and flooring as well. It’s durable, practical, and looks luxurious enough to completely transform your kitchen.

Quartzmaster - Calacutta Grey

Soft grey and white reminiscent of a marble statue, calacutta grey is full of character. It has a classic appeal without the maintenance and provides a surface that’s sturdy and appealing. The very Italianesque quartz looks so much like the cool stone surface of marble, you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for the real deal. However, unlike the real thing, this surface has flexibility and won’t stain or etch the way that natural stone does.

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If you’re looking for a surface with soft, muted colors, this one is sure to impress. It’s classy without being too showy and it looks great on counters, floors, or even on floors. It’s more forgiving than natural stone, too.

MSI - Carrara Grigio

Not everyone is looking for that perfect white marble. If you want a more subdued look with heathery greys and lots of personality, consider Carrara Grigio. This lookalike has a certain softness in its tone that makes it almost warm and inviting. Sometimes referred to as Halcyon White, this particular style of quartz is a lovely choice for kitchens. It makes a beautiful countertop surface and looks stunning on accent walls and backsplashes. It also makes a great choice for kitchen or bathroom flooring, particularly when you want to keep the area light and airy.

Caesarstone - Calacatta Nuvo

If you want to make a dramatic statement with your quartz, let Calacatta Nuvo do the talking. This bold marble lookalike features shadowed veins in shades of grey set against a bright white. Flecks of color easily imitate the real deal and add tons of charm to the man-made material. It has a look that’s similar to natural marble, but it doesn’t require the maintenance that the natural stones do.

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Calacatta Nuvo looks amazing on islands and countertops, but it also looks great on floors and backsplashes. It’s a timeless style that will completely transform any room when you install it.

Updated: June 9, 2018